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  • Cover for Drivers 21 & Over
  • Third Party
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  • Fully Comprehensive
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School minibus insurance – What you need to know

If you drive a school minibus then it’s vital that you get the right type of cover. Below is an explanation of the different types of cover that are available as well as reasons why getting quotes online is beneficial.

School minibus insurance options

  • Third party – Third party insurance is the cheapest type of policy you can get. You are required to have third party online insurance as a minimum to make your vehicle road legal. If you’d like to add extra protection to a third party policy then you can get fire and theft included.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will provide the most protection for your minibus and will cover you even if you’re involved in an accident that you’re to blame for.
  • Public liability insuranceLiability claims are something that you should always be prepared for as a school minibus driver. Not having cover could be disastrous if a claim went against you.
  • Legal fees – Having legal expenses included in your policy will give you the peace mind to know that you could fight a liability claim if need be.
  • Breakdowns – Breakdown assistance can also be included in a minibus insurance policy, with most providers giving you the option to add it.

Reasons to get school minibus insurance online

  • Quick and easy quotes – One of the great things about looking for school minibus insurance online is that getting quotes is incredibly quick and simple. All you have to do to get quotes from many different insurance providers is fill out one simple form.
  • Save money – A big benefit of being able to get quotes in a quick and easy fashion is that you could save a significant amount of money. Having a lot of quotes means you can easily compare them and choose the best one.
  • No hard sell – Another benefit of getting quotes online is that you don’t have any pressure to take out a particular policy.

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