Owning a minibus is not for everyone. Unless you have a specific reason for owning one then most people will opt to get a regular car, since they’re smaller and cheaper to insure. However there are some very good reasons to consider getting a minibus in the right circumstances.

If you’ve ever considered buying a minibus but you’re not sure if it’s the right choice of vehicle for you then below are some of the best reasons to take the plunge.

For work

Owning a minibus means that you have the option to work as a taxi driver. You will of course need to have a taxi driver’s licence first but having your own minibus will make you a great asset to taxi firms who are often looking to take on drivers who own more versatile vehicles that have plenty of space. You will need to make sure you have private hire insurance or public hire insurance dependant on how it will be used.

For family

If you have a large family then a minibus is a great choice for vehicle since you have plenty of space. If you work as a minibus owner/driver taxi driver then you get the best of both worlds since you can use your minibus for work and for pleasure purposes.

To help your community

Minibuses are great vehicles to own if you want to be involved in the community. For example if you are involved in a kid’s football team or want to help a local charity or nursing home with transportation. You can also obtain a special type of discounted minibus insurance when it’s used for charitable purposes.

Are you eligible to drive a minibus?

If you’re thinking of getting a minibus then you should first make sure that you’re eligible.

In order to be eligible to drive a minibus in the UK, you should –

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have had your driving licence for at least 2 years.

You should also be sure that your licence covers you to drive a minibus, which is a D1 category vehicle.

Get quotes

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