Survey by Mercedes-Benz Reveals Potholes the Biggest Concern for Van Drivers

A recent survey by Mercedes-Benz Vans has revealed that van drivers believe that repairing potholes should be the number one priority for the new government. The survey, which was conducted amongst 2000 van owners, drivers and operators, showed that potholes are by far the biggest concern, with two thirds of those surveyed saying that they have had to pay for repairs related to pothole damage within the last year.

It’s not surprising that potholes are such a big concern for van drivers and operators, especially considering the seemingly ever-increasing cost of van insurance and van fleet insurance. Although pothole repairs were the clear priority for van drivers, they are not the only issue they want the new government to address.

2nd on the list after repairing potholes was better parking provisions in town, with 43% of those surveyed highlighting this as a problem. Other changes that van drivers would like to see include investment in bypasses to ease bottlenecks, widening motorways and increased traffic police presence.

UK Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Steve Bridge, had the following to say –

“With almost 4.2 million van drivers on our roads – around one in 10 of all vehicles on our highways – the voice of this important group of motorists needs to be heard. Our research clearly highlights that potholes and congestion actually cost these hard-working business men and women serious amounts of money, both in repair bills and time lost, which isn’t acceptable.

“We are urging van drivers therefore, to report any potholes they come across to the local council – while it may seem time-consuming, there are a number of ways to do this online and via apps to help alert to and ultimately fix the issue.”


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