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Subsidence Insurance FAQ

What is subsidence?

Subsidence is when a property begins to sink into the ground due to the foundations beneath it being unstable. This usually happens due to a mixture of the building materials that were used and the weather. During the winter when the ground gets wet, the soil will expand because of the moisture. However during the summer it will contract and this process can lead to the ground beneath a property becoming unstable. Properties that are built on clay are at particular risk.

Did you know…?

You can save money on subsidence insurance by getting quotes from a lot of different providers.

How do I know if I need  subsidence insurance?

You may have been informed that your property has suffered from subsidence in the past when buying it. However if you’re not sure if your property is at risk then you should have it professionally surveyed in order to find out for sure. There are certain warning signs of subsidence but it’s hard to know for sure judging with the naked eye.

Land stability is a big issue with property as the repair costs for properties with subsidence can be very high.

What are the warning signs of subsidence?

Some of the warning signs of a property with subsidence are:

  • Cracks around plaster and brickwork
  • Windows and doors sticking
  • Rippling wallpaper

There can be other reasons why these signs occur however so you shouldn’t automatically assume you have subsidence if you notice one or even all of these signs in your home.

Will I have to pay more for subsidence cover?

If your property is know to be at risk of subsidence then you’ll need to get specialist cover that accounts for this increased risk. However there are specialist providers of subsidence insurance who can offer you a policy for a reasonable price.

What causes subsidence?

Below are some of the main causes of subsidence –

  • Large trees near the property – Large shrubs and trees near a property are a very common cause of subsidence. During the summer months when there isn’t as much moisture, trees will expand their roots to take in water. They will draw water from the soil that makes up the foundation of the property and this causes it to shrink and crack. This process causes the ground beneath the property to become unstable, often resulting in subsidence.
  • Leaking drains – Leaking drains are another possible cause of subsidence. The constant flow of water into the soil beneath a property causes it to become soft and the foundations to become unstable.
  • Clay foundations – Homes that are built on clay foundations are at more risk of subsidence than those built on foundations from other materials.
  • Prolonged dry weather – Prolonged dry weather can cause subsidence too since the soil beneath the property can become dry and cracked.

Signs to look for

Below are some of the most common signs of subsidence in a property –

  • Cracks around plaster and brickwork – Not all cracks are caused by subsidence of course but a particular warning sign to look out for is cracks that appear suddenly that are wider at the top than the bottom.
  • Sticking windows and doors – If you notice that windows and doors around the property are sticking for no particular reason then this could be as a result of subsidence.
  • Ripping wallpaper – Rippling wallpaper is another possible sign of subsidence. Rippling wall paper can also be caused by damp so be sure to eliminate this possibility first.
Did you know…?

You will require a special type of cover when you have a property that’s at risk of subsidence

Can you prevent subsidence?

Some of the steps you can take to minimise the risk of subsidence include:

  • Make sure trees and plants are planted away from the property – You want to make sure that any large plants or trees are planted 5-10 metres away from the property.
  • Remove any trees that are too close – If there are any large trees or plants that are closer than this to the property then you should consider having them removed. For larger trees you might have to have this done by a professional but it’s worth it for the headaches it can prevent in the long run.
  • Make sure pipes and drainage systems are well maintained – Since leaking drains can easily cause subsidence it’s important to ensure that pipes and drainage systems are well maintained. If you’re aware of any broken or leaking pipes then you should have them fixed immediately.
  • Check for subsidence before buying a new property – Before buying a new property it’s always important to be aware if it has suffered from subsidence in the past or is at risk. The best way to find this out for sure is by checking the surveyor’s report.

Types of subsidence insurance

  • Building insurance – Building insurance is the basis of any property insurance policy, including those with subsidence. Building insurance will cover your property for any structural damage, including that which results from subsidence. The increased risk of necessary repairs/rebuilds is why it’s necessary for people who have property that’s at risk of subsidence to take out specialist cover.
  • Contents insurance – Just as with a regular home insurance policy, you’re also able to cover the contents of your property with subsidence insurance.
Did you know…?

Subsidence insurance doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are plenty of specialist providers and finding cover at an affordable rate shouldn’t be too difficult.

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