Tusker Claims That Car Benefit Schemes Help NHS Staff Recruitment and Retention

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Salary sacrifice company, Tusker believes that car benefit schemes help with staff recruitment and retention in the NHS. The company, which launches its first salary sacrifice scheme in 2008, now works with over a quarter of NHS Trusts and a third of ambulance services. There are also discounts available for NHS staff car insurance.

The car benefit scheme works by enabling NHS employees to exchange part of their salary in order to get a new car that comes complete with tax, insurance, breakdown cover and servicing. The scheme is now available to over 300,000 NHS workers in the UK.

As of now, there have been over 16,000 orders for new cars from employees at all levels of the NHS.

Speaking about the benefits of the scheme, director of organisational development for Sandwell West Birmingham Hospital Trust, Rafaella Goodby said the following – “In the current environment, it’s quite tough to get skilled people to come and work with us, so for these nurses and clinicians, we need to offer something a bit different. That’s where the benefits package comes in. When our staff are feeling their most productive, committed and engaged, our patients get a better service.”

HR manager for Tusker, Greg Masters added – “We had seen that paramedics were leaving the service in considerable numbers – going to other NHS Ambulance Trusts who were perceived to offer a better package. This has now been reversed.”



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