New Data Reveals That Majority of Car Owners Wouldn’t Trust Their Car Would be Recovered if Stolen

New data from online car servicing provider, Servicing Stop, has revealed that the majority of the motorists in the UK would not trust the police’s ability to recover their vehicle if it was stolen.

In addition to revealing that 54% of motorists were ‘unsure’ if the police would be able to recover their vehicle if stolen, the results also showed that an alarmingly high 1 in 6 motorists had had their vehicle stolen.

Although there have been a lot of advancements in car security technology, car theft is still a primary concern for motorists, with more than 20% of them saying that having their car stolen is the thing that worries them the most.

Another thing that worries the motorists who took part in the survey is the introduction of increased connectivity in cars, such as new self-driving vehicles, which are being test more and more all the time. The fear being that this increased connectivity will make it easier to hack into cars’ security systems.

Founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, had the following to say: “We hear of carjackings, car thefts, break-ins and other horrendous crimes that happen to our cars every day, but to think one in six of us have fallen victim to it is disheartening. With newer security technology currently being developed by the automotive industry, our cars are becoming smarter and more resistant to thieves. Hopefully, in the years to come car theft will be eradicated completely.”

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