If you’re thinking about purchasing a new minibus then it’s important to realise that not all models are the same. In order to get the right type of minibus then, you need to think about what you’ll be using it for and what your unique needs are.

Below are some of the most important things to think about.


Size is certainly an important consideration when looking for a minibus. The biggest thing to think about here is the number of seats you need. A minibus can carry up to 16 and go as low as 9 passengers. If you’re using your minibus for work then you should think about the number of seats you’re likely to need as well as any additional needs for luggage storage etc.


Cost is another important thing to consider. The difference in price between a new and used minibus can be very significant, which is why many people will opt to buy second hand when looking for a minibus. You will also need to check the cost of minibus insurance.

If you don’t want, or cannot afford to invest in your own minibus then you also have the choice of renting on a weekly or monthly basis.


Accessibility is another very important consideration when buying a minibus. If you plan to use it for charitable purposes to help out a local nursing home or hospital, then you’ll almost certainly need mobility access. If a minibus doesn’t already have it then it is possible to have a mobility access platform fitted but ideally you would be able to find a vehicle that already has it.


It’s certainly true that you can save money by buying a used minibus rather than a brand new one but you need to be sure that any used vehicles you look at are free of serious problems. If you’re looking for a minibus online then you should always make sure you view any vehicles you’re considering in person and during daylight hours so you can check for any damage or faults.