Eden Project Cuts Running Costs Significantly 1 Year After Introducing Fleet of Renault Electric Vehicles

Popular Cornwall visitor attraction, The Eden Project has reported that it’s made big savings in running costs 12 months after introducing a fleet of 18 Renault electric vehicles. The car fleet insurance cost would have contributed to the savings made.

One of the biggest advantages of electric vehicles, other than the obvious environmental benefits, are the reduced running costs. The Eden Project’s experience with its fleet of electric vehicles certainly supports this, with the vehicles each costing just 4.4 pence per mile to run. When you compare this to the 11ppm of a typical diesel vehicle then it’s clear to see the savings are significant.

Another reason that The Eden Project invested in the electric vehicles was also because they’re able to be used in the company’s Biomes due to having zero tailpipe emissions.

The Eden Project’s Head of Estates, Ian Merchant had the following to say –

“The vehicles have been brilliant for Eden as they fit exactly with our message.

“The vehicles are large enough to do what we require of them and react exactly as a diesel vehicle would.

“It is fantastic to have a modern, smart and efficient fleet that we can be proud to be seen in and which complements Eden’s core values so well.

“The fleet has been a great addition. Because they are all-electric they can go everywhere, including into the Biomes where we are very protective of the health of our plants.”

Eden’s fleet of electric vehicles includes the Renault Zoe and Kangoo Van ZE as well as a number of Twizy quadricycles.

The vehicles are used for many purposes throughout the attraction, including the transportation of people and equipment as well as facilitating with special events, such as Dinosaur Uprising, which took place last year.


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