As providers of a car insurance for convicted drivers comparison site we thought we would put together this interesting list…

Every day traffic police all over the world come across a whole range of weird and wonderful excuses from offending drivers. We scoured the internet to find the worst:

  1. A woman stopped for using her phone while driving said she didn’t have it with her. Instead she said she was eating a prawn cracker. When her phone rang, she apologised and offered the police officer a cracker. – Mirror
  2. When caught speeding, one driver told Dorset Police: “I just split up with my girlfriend.” – Dorset Echo
  3. One speeding motorist told Surrey Police, “I ate some dodgy fried chicken and was looking for a toilet” – Surrey Police, Drive Smart campaign
  4. A driver in western Australia travelling 20km over the speed limit said: “The wind was pushing me.” – The Telegraph
  5. Another driver in a hurry said: “My passenger has had too much to drink and I don’t want her to be sick in the car.” – Surrey Police, Drive Smart campaign

No excuse

In most cases these excuses are unlikely to get offending drivers off the hook. And once you have a driving conviction, you could see the cost of your car insurance go up as a result.

Thankfully, there are conviction car insurance providers that specialise in providing cover for drivers with motoring and criminal convictions. To get multiple tailored quotes at a fair price from a panel of specialist providers, click the button below.

Photo credit: Pixelci