Motoring laws exist to keep everyone safe, whether drivers, pedestrians or cyclists, and if you flout the law you will find that the penalties can be quite severe with lasting consequences for your driving record and your insurance premiums. In some cases, it could mean you losing your job or being turned down for employment.

A motoring conviction will mean that your insurer will see you as a greater risk and will increase your premiums as a result. Multiple convictions could even render you uninsurable by some companies in which case you would have recourse to seek out a convicted driver car insurance specialist. Some motoring convictions are undoubtedly worse than others in terms of how it can impact your life.


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Drink or drug driving

This is probably the worst one to have on your record when it comes to long term consequences. If you are convicted of driving whilst over the limit (the legal limit is 80mg of alcohol for every 100mg of blood) you will receive a driving ban and a substantial fine. If you kill or injure someone while under the influence you could receive a prison sentence. All this could see you losing your job particularly if you drive for a living or if you have brought your company into disrepute.

Leaving the scene of an accident or failing to stop

This is a criminal offence which will definitely warrant police involvement as they will need to look into why you committed the offence.


Speeding offences are taken much more seriously by the law than they perhaps used to be and a speeding ticket could land you with a hefty fine and points on your license. Multiple speeding offences or grossly excessive speeding could see you banned from the road or even imprisoned.

Failing to stop for police

You are required to stop for police when requested to do so and failing to do this could result in them chasing you until you do stop. They will then obviously investigate your reasons for failing to stop and these situations often end up in the driver being arrested.

Unsafe driving

This term covers everything from driving too slowly, as well as too fast, to weaving from lane to lane through to driving the wrong way against the flow of traffic. If the police consider that your driving is unsafe, careless or dangerous you could end up with an endorsement on your license and even a driving ban.

Of course, it is always better to ensure care is taken to drive at the speed limit, without being under the influence and with due care and attention – both for your insurance premiums’ sake and for your own health.