Whether you have a garage or are self employed you should not practice as a motor mechanic without having the best possible mechanics insurance in place. As a mechanic you have a responsibility of care towards yourself, your employees and your customers. You will probably have thought of most of the points below but you may also have wondered if one of them was absolutely necessary. Here are just 5 reasons why you need mechanics insurance.

Public and Employers Liability – Get a Trade Insurance Quote

No business that deals directly with the general public should be operating without this motor trade liability insurance in place. Even if you are a one man band mobile mechanic you should have it as not only does it demonstrate professionalism but shows that you are no fly by night cowboy. Should you fix the brakes on a customers car and then, heaven forbid, the brakes fail and they are involved in a serious accident it is this insurance they will claim against.

Damage to Business and Customers Vehicles

Imagine if your van you use for your mobile mechanics business is stolen or somebody runs into it when you aren’t there. This means that you cannot get to your customers, cannot earn a living and therefore will suffer financially. Likewise, while you have a customers car on your property and something happens to it you are liable to pay for than damage. This a vital part of any mechanics insurance, including mobile mechanics insurance.

Trade Insurance Quote Cover for Buildings and Contents

Your garage will invariably carry equipment worth a small fortune and could be targeted by burglars. Likewise, if a fire broke out and caused extensive damage to both your premises and your equipment you are effectively out of business until you find a new building and replace your equipment. Even if you don’t have a garage as such and work as a mobile mechanic you will have a safe place to store your van and all your equipment and combined motor trade insurance also covers that scenario.

Tools and our Trade Insurance Quotes

No mechanic can do his job without a vast and varied selection of top end tools which are far from cheap to replace. Whether they are lost, stolen, vandalised, burnt or whatever you cannot manage without them. Your tools should be a top priority on your mechanics insurance policy as even if few small but essential items go missing or are damaged these are not the kind you can replace from your local DIY store.

Trade Insurance Quotes for Theft

This covers such a huge range of eventualities it cannot be ignored. Theft from your vehicle, your premises, your customers vehicles, the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that if anything is stolen while it is in your care you are responsible for it. The higher value you can get the better as there have been horror stories of mass burglaries taking place at garages during the night when multiple vehicles have been stolen.

A good motor trade policy will cover you for all the risks mentioned above.