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Types of cover you can get include:

  • Building insurance
  • Contents cover
  • Property owners’ liability insurance
  • Loss of rent
  • Unoccupied property insurance

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  • No pressure
  • Easily tailor quotes to your needs
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Landlord insurance for DSS tenants explained

Did you know?

You can tailor a DSS landlord insurance policy to your exact needs.

In online property listings, you’ll often see the phrase ‘no DSS’ used. This essentially means that they don’t let to tenants who are receiving benefits from the government, such as Universal Credit.

A lot of landlords, especially those who are new to letting property, are somewhat nervous about the idea of letting to tenants who are receiving government support, usually because they fear they might not be able to make rent payments.

The truth is that letting to DSS tenants isn’t necessarily more risky than any other type of tenant, and in the event that you couldn’t collect rent, there are safeguards in place to ensure you will still receive payment.

If you do decide to let your property to DSS tenants, then having the right cover in place is vital. Below is a full guide that covers the different types of DSS landlord insurance available, an FAQ and ways you can save money.

Types of DSS landlord insurance

Below are the main types of DSS landlord insurance available –

  • Building insurance – Building insurance is something every landlord must have, regardless of the type of tenants they’re renting to. It will cover your property for structural repairs that might be required as a result of fire, flooding, storm damage etc.
  • Contents insurance – If you let property that’s furnished, then contents cover will ensure you’re compensated if your contents are damaged or stolen.
  • Loss of rent – If you’re unable to collect rent from your tenant, then you would receive payment from your insurance provider until you were able to resolve the situation.
  • Unoccupied property insurance – If a property you own is going to be unoccupied for a period of longer than 30 days, for example if you were having renovations carried out or looking for a new tenant, then you need to get unoccupied property insurance for it.
  • Property owners’ liability insurance – Liability claims are something every landlord should be prepared for, since they can be devastating if they go against you.

Did you know?

Getting quotes online from different insurance providers could save you a great deal of time and money.

DSS landlord insurance FAQ

Is it a good idea to rent to DSS tenants?

This is something that you’d need to decide for yourself. There can be risks involved, but that is true of any tenant. If you were specifically worried about being able to collect rent, then it is possible to contact the local authority to request that the tenant’s money be paid directly to you.

What are the best types of cover to get?

Building insurance is a must with any landlord insurance policy but it’s also a good idea to consider things like loss of rent, legal expenses and liability claims.

What are the steps to take if I need to make a claim?

In the event that you had to make a claim for damage, whether to your building itself or your contents, you should collect as much evidence as possible. Taking pictures is always highly recommended and you should document when the damage occurred and for what reason.

How much does DSS landlord insurance cost?

DSS landlord insurance policies vary but some of the main factors that affect cost are –

  • The value of the property
  • Where it’s located
  • How you choose to pay
  • The level of cover you take out

Ways to save money on DSS landlord insurance

Some good ways to save money on DSS landlord insurance are –

  • Pay in full – If you can pay for your policy in full up front, then most providers will prefer this and give you a good discount as a reward.
  • Shop around – Always be sure to get as many quotes as you can since they can vary a lot.
  • Make your property secure – Any steps you can take to make your property more secure will help to lower costs too. Things like installing CCTV and security lights are good options.

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