If you own any kind of property and no-one is occupying it you still need to insure it. Properties that are left vacant for thirty days or more should have unoccupied property insurance. This can be easily bought from online brokers who specialise in house insurance. Buildings and contents cover is available along with:-

  • Protection against vandalism
  • Owner’s liability cover
  • Buildings and contents cover
  • Ongoing building work and non standard construction buildings
  • Protection for commercial as well as residential properties

You also receive instant documentation so there’s no waiting for the post to arrive. Get peace of mind for your empty property now by clicking online and reading more about unoccupied property insurance, this is one area that should never be overlooked.

Reasons to have the right insurance

There are many reasons to have unoccupied property insurance, for instance:-

  1. The property is waiting to be bought
  2. The property is a holiday home
  3. Refurbishment is taking place
  4. You’re waiting for probate
  5. You’re waiting for new tenants to move in

Owning property as an investment is a good way to make money, however it’s essential to protect it and any contents there may be. Ordinary home insurance is different to unoccupied property insurance so make sure you buy the right policy the first time around. This will save any heartache if the property gets broken into and contents are stolen, without a sound insurance package in place you would have no option but to replace the contents yourself.

Have flexibility

By purchasing an affordable unoccupied property insurance policy from reputable brokers you will have great flexibility. There’s the option to be protected for three or twelve months depending on how long you think your investment is going to be vacant. This is a great idea especially if you’re not sure when new tenants may move in, you only pay for the time the property is insured and no longer.

Why not buy property owner’s liability insurance too? If a third party was to sustain injuries while on your property or their personal possessions were damaged, this type of policy will cover you should they make a claim against you for negligence.

Finally, don’t leave it too late, have your unoccupied property insured today. There’s a lot of useful information on the net to find out more.