Truck Insurance FAQ

Truck Insurance FAQ's

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What types of cover are available?

The main types of cover you can get with a truck insurance policy are –

  • Third party
  • Third party, fire & theft
  • Fully comprehensive
  • Public liability
  • Employer’s liability

Is it possible to insure multiple trucks together?

Yes. In fact this is very common with truck insurance. With a fleet truck insurance policy you’re able to insure multiple trucks, including multiple truck types, under one easy-to-manage policy.

What factors affect the cost of a policy?

The main factors that affect the cost a truck insurance policy are –

  • The size of the truck(s) being insured
  • The number of trucks being insured
  • The mileage of the trucks
  • How secure the trucks are
  • The named drivers on the policy
  • The level of cover

Which is the best type of policy to get?

This is up to you. Third party policies are cheaper but will not provide any cover for your own vehicles if you one of your drivers is involved in a collision that they’re liable for. If your insuring expensive trucks that are worth in excess of £10,000 in value then it’s generally better to get a fully comprehensive policy.

What level of cover am I required to have legally?

In order to comply with the law, all vehicles must have at least third party insurance. In addition to this, if you employ drivers then you must also have employer’s liability. When transporting goods it’s also a very good idea to have goods in transit cover.

Can I use my no claims bonus?

Yes. Providing that the no claims bonus was earned in the UK there should be no issue with transferring it over from one insurance provider to the next. Usually the no claims bonus will also need to be on the same type of vehicle too, although there are exceptions to this.

Where can I get quotes

There are many ways to get quotes. You can of course contact insurance providers directly. However if you want to get quotes from multiple providers then there is a better way of doing things. You can get quotes from a panel of truck insurance specialists within a matter of minutes by clicking the green quote button below. All you have to do to get your quotes is provide a bit of information about yourself, your business and the type of policy you need.