Why is insurance higher for thatched roof houses?

Thatched homes are seen as an idyllic place to live and it’s not hard to understand why. Often set in small village communities in the countryside, they offer a chance to live in quiet and peaceful surroundings away from the noise and pollution of a big city.

Thatched properties not only look great but come with some key benefits too. Thatched roofs provide excellent insulation, which means they keep your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. They also last for a good deal of time, with Water Reed thatches lasting for up to 60 years with proper maintenance.

Whilst thatched roof homes have many great benefits, they do come with a few downsides. One of them being the higher cost of home insurance.

 Below are the main reasons why thatched roof insurance costs more –

  • They’re a greater fire risk – With thatched roofs being more flammable than a typical tile roof, it’s no surprise that they’re at greater risk of catching fire. Because thatched properties are a greater fire risk, insurance providers will consider owners more likely to make a claim and therefore the premium will be higher.
  • The rebuild costs are higher – Because thatched roof properties are made using specialist materials and methods, they’re much more costly to rebuild when compared to a standard home. This is another significant contributing factor to the higher cost of insurance for thatched properties.
  • Fire spreads much quicker – Because thatched roofs are flammable, when they do catch fire, it will spread a lot faster and cause a lot more damage. Many thatched houses are listed properties, which means they’re of national historic interest. This means if they had to be rebuilt, it would need to be done using the original construction method, which is not always easy.

How to find affordable home insurance quotes for a thatched property

 When you’re looking for quotes for a thatched property, your first port of call might be the big names in home insurance that you’ve seen advertised on TV. The trouble with getting insurance from mainstream providers is that they’re usually aimed at average home owners, meaning they’re not equipped to deal with specialist properties such as thatched roof homes.

This being the case, it’s much better to get your insurance from a specialist provider that’s used to providing cover for thatched properties. Getting quotes for thatched roof property insurance is easier than ever. Whilst you can call around to get quotes from different providers, the easiest way is to use an insurance comparison service. By clicking this link, you’ll be able to get quotes form a panel of thatched property insurance specialists within a matter of minutes.