Are Thatched Roof Properties Worth the Investment?

Many people in the UK dream of owning a thatched roof property. Thatched roof properties have a very particular charm that’s impossible to replicate with a standard tile roof. Thatched roof properties are usually located in desirable areas and when you also consider the higher re-build costs and the fact that many of them are listed properties, they cost considerably more than an standard equivalent-sized house. But are thatched roof properties worth the investment?

Things to consider

When deciding if a thatched roof property is worth the investment you must think about the practical consideration of owning such a property. Although owning a thatched roof property comes with many advantages, there are also a few things you might not be aware of that are part of the experience of owning a thatched roof property. These include –

  • There may be restrictions  – Many thatched roof properties are listed buildings. This means they’re considered to be of high cultural or historical significance. When you own a listed property you have an obligation to keep it in good standing. You must also obtain written permission from the local council if you want to alter the appearance or structure of the property significantly.
  • Higher insurance – The rebuild costs of a thatched roof property are higher than a standard home due to the expertise needed in order to create a thatched roof. This means the cost of thatched roof property insurance is typically higher compared to a standard home insurance policy. This is why it’s always recommended that you get thatched roof property insurance from a specialist provider. 
  • You must think about fire safety – Fire safety is something you must be very conscious of when you own a thatched roof property. In addition to having the chimney cleaned at least once a year, you should also have the chimney and flue professionally inspected before purchasing the property to ensure there are no major problems. An electrical inspection of the property is also highly recommended.

Despite the points mentioned above, a thatched roof property is certainly a great investment as long as you’re prepared for the practical aspects of owning such a property. Generally thatched roof properties age very well and retain most of their value. They are also insulated very well so they stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer.

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