Questions to ask when buying a thatched property

Thatched roof properties are very popular in the UK, especially in small villages and in the countryside. They have a unique, rustic charm that’s hard to match. If you’re considering buying a thatched roof property then below are some of the best questions to ask –

When was the roof last thatched?

This is very important to know since it will give you a good idea of when the roof will need thatching again. The amount of time that a thatched roof will last depends on the materials used for thatching as well as how well it’s been maintained and the skill of the thatcher.

Water Reed, also known as Norfolk Reed is by far the longest lasting thatching material, with an average lifespan of 50-60 years. Roofs that have been thatched with Combined Wheat will typically last 25-40 years whereas Long Straw roofs will last 15-25 years on average.

Which thatcher carried out the work?

This is another vital question to ask. The reason being that finding a quality thatcher who has a high level of skill and experience can be quite challenging. If the previous owner, or letting agent, has the details of the person who thatched the roof then this is a great way to ensure that it’s properly maintained by the original thatcher.

How well has the roof been maintained?

Maintenance is very important with thatched roofs since they can degrade when exposed to pollutants and extreme weather. Typically people who own thatched properties are very proud of them so they’ll ensure they’re well-maintained but it’s important to find out exactly how often the roof has been looked at so you get a good idea of its current condition

What is the insurance like?

The cost of home insurance is often a concern for those who purchase thatched properties since they carry a higher risk of fire damage. If you’re able to speak with the current owners directly then you should find out what they’re paying for home insurance.  This will give you a good idea of what type of price you should expect to pay. Another tip when buying insurance for a thatched property is to go to specialist provider. Click here if you’d like to get quotes from a panel of thatched property insurance providers now.

Has the chimney flue been lined?

When you own a thatched property, it’s extremely important to think about fire safety. One of the best things you can do to make your property safe from the risk of fire damage is to ensure the chimney is well maintained. A chimney flue liner is therefore highly recommended if one isn’t already present in the property.

When was the chimney last swept?

If the property has a traditional fireplace, then you should find out when the chimney was last swept. If the chimney flue gets clogged with creosote or other chemicals then it increases the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning significantly.