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Motorhome Jargon Buster

When purchasing a new motorhome it’s very useful to know what the different terms used actually mean so you can make an informed decision. Below are some of the most common motorhome terms explained.

Beginners Guide to Motorhomes

One of the most important decisions you need to make is getting the right type of motorhome. Motorhomes can vary in size significantly so you want to be completely sure that you are happy with the size of a motorhomoe before purchasing it.

Motorhome FAQs

What size motorhome should I get? This will depend on a few factors, including your budget, your available parking space and what types of holidays you plan to take in your motorhome

Guide to Good Driving For Motorhome Owners

If you’ve just purchased your first motorhome then you’ll need to get used to driving a considerably larger vehicle. It can be quite a jarring switch to go from a regular sized car to a motorhome but with some practice and by following the tips below…

10 ways to save money on motorhome insurance

State how often you use your motorhome when getting a quote If you have built up a good no claims bonus on your car insurance then ask the insurer if they are able to match this with your motorhome policy. Reconsider the value of your Motorhome each year to ensure you...

5 Tips For Maintaining and Enjoying your VW Camper Van

Own a VW camper van and want to care for it in a manner where your insurance is going to remain reasonable? We we have some great VW campervan insurance and reliability tips. It is important to maintain the van properly in order to ensure you avoid reliability issues....

Motorhome Decoration And Furniture Tips

Motorhomes are places where many of us spend weeks of our year and so they should ideally be homely and nice to live in. We’ve compiled some great tips to give them a feeling of home. Decorating Your Space The truth of the matter is that many RVs have the same kind of...

7 Tips to Get Cheap Motorhome Insurance

If you’ve purchased a motorhome then the chances are that you’ve made a significant financial investment and in order to meet both your legal obligations as well as to protect your investment you need the right form of motorhome insurance. However before ploughing...