4 Career Paths to Consider If You’ve Got a Conviction

There are career opportunities available to you even if you have received a conviction, but the likelihood is that you feel anxious about admitting to these previous convictions due to what it might mean for your job prospects. The good news is that many employers are happy to look at the merit of individual candidates rather than the convictions they have.

If you are still under a driving ban for a motoring conviction then clearly you cannot realistically apply for a driving job, so travelling salesman or Tesco delivery person is not likely to be a suitable career path for you. However, once your conviction is spent, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 states that you no longer need to declare spent convictions when you are applying for a job unless the career you wish to pursue is exempted from this legislation. Exemptions include work with children and vulnerable adults, the legal profession, chartered or certified accountants, veterinary surgeons or the medical profession. For a driving job after a conviction is spent you would just need to find convicted drivers motor trade insurance.

What options are there?

How about having a rethink and considering one of these career paths if you have got a conviction and have either lost your job or are unable to continue pursuing the chosen career path?

1. Utilise your IT Skills – working as an app developer, computer programmer or web developer is a good opportunity for somebody who is computer literate as these jobs are very in demand. Due to the fact that employers are always looking for good people, they will often overlook convictions. Alternatively, there are many opportunities for self-employment and freelance work, where you are less likely to be asked to declare convictions.

2. Become a professional writer – if you have creative flair, good imagination or a way with words then writing could be a good new career opportunity for you. Writing is another job where freelancing is a very real opportunity and would mean that you may never need to declare your conviction. If you feel like you have a novel in you than this could be a great opportunity to sit down and write it. Alternatively, copywriters can work on a freelance basis and in the right job you can earn a decent hourly wage.

3. Find a friendly employer – there are many well-known employers who actively seek to employ ex-offenders and ex-convicts. If you approach one of these employers, then you are more likely to access career opportunities even if you have received a conviction. Companies that are more welcoming towards offenders include DHL, Greggs and Timpson.

4. Learn a trade – Learning a trade if you have a conviction is a good way of ensuring you have a steady flow of work for the rest of your career. You can work for yourself and offer the skills that people are looking for.

There are options out there for those with convictions, so don’t lose hope. With a bit of research, you’re sure to find a job you’ll be able to do either until your conviction is spent, or as a brand-new career.

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