Choosing the Right Minibus Insurance Policy

If you own a minibus then one of the first things you need to take care of is getting insurance for it. Below are some tips to help you choose the right kind of policy.

Level of cover to get

  • Third party – Third party will provide enough cover to allow you to legally drive your minibus. It provides protection for other vehicles if you’re at fault for a collision and is the cheapest level of cover you can get.
  • Third party, fire and theft – As the name suggests, this type of policy provides third party protection but also includes cover for damage caused by fire as well as theft of your vehicle.
  • Fully Comprehensive – A fully comprehensive policy will provide cover for all types of collisions, even those that you are liable for. It also includes cover for fire and theft. A fully comprensive policy is recommended if you want the best level of protection for your vehicle.

For taxi drivers

If you use your minibus as part of your job as a taxi driver then you’ll need to get a private or public hire taxi minibus insurance policy. This will not only protect you for road risks but can also include additional cover options such as liability claims, legal expenses and loss of licence.

Useful additional types of cover

  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is a very useful type of additional cover you can have included as part of a minibus insurance policy. If you rely on your minibus for work then breakdown cover is particularly important so it’s definitely worth enquiring what the additional cost would be.
  • European cover – If you plan to take your minibus out of the country then European cover will ensure that you’re protected.
  • Windscreen repair – Windscreen repair might not seem like a particularly important type of cover to get but you’ll be glad you have it if you need it.