No one wants to pay over the odds for their Horsebox or Trailer Insurance. Follow these simple steps to save money on your policy today.

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  • Park in a safe place – when attending horse shows, park your trailer or horsebox somewhere secure, ideally where there are many people around. For added peace of mind, attach wheel lamps to make it immobile. Parking in a locked garage while at home will also make it less likely to be the target of thieves
  • Install CCTV – This will add an extra deterrent to thieves and will likely cut the cost of your insurance
  • Limited mileage policies – these are ideal if you don’t use your horsebox or trailer regularly. If you stay below a certain mileage limit agreed by you and your insurance provider, you can reduce the risks of making a claim, therefore saving money
  • Pay annually – paying for your insurance policy upfront rather than in monthly instalments will offer you a good discount
  • Get the right type of insurance – for a specialist vehicle you need specialist insurance cover tailored to you and your circumstances. There are many specialist Horsebox and Trailer Insurance providers that can offer you the right policy for your needs, meaning you will avoid paying for something you won’t use
  • Shop around – get multiple quotes from different specialist providers to find the best deal for you