Samsung unveils new fast-charging electric car battery

One of the biggest things that puts a lot of people off switching to a pure electric vehicle is the limited range that a lot of models have. However Samsung is looking to address this concern as it revealed its new fast-charging electric car battery at the North American International Auto Show a few days ago.

The high-density battery can run for 373 miles on a full charge and can get to 80% capacity in just a 20 minute charge, offering more than 300 miles. Not only this but the battery itself is 10% lighter than similar models on the market, which also helps to increase range.

Speaking about the battery, a Samsung official said –

‘The high-energy density battery cell with the fast charging capability and the integrated battery module are the innovative technologies with full potentials that can transform the market,’

‘Expectations are high that we will be able to accelerate the vehicle electrification utilizing these technologies with improved driving range, manufacturing efficiency and user convenience.’

‘This concept is expected to be a boon in the electro mobility, as it will be lighter with fewer components,’

‘We are increasingly witnessing a change in many automakers’ sourcing strategy from battery cells to modules in the EV sector; thus, Samsung SDI is expecting a rising customers’ demand in the integrated battery modules.’


Samsung have plans to start mass producing the battery in 2021 and innovations such as this new battery are certainly going to help electric cars become more mainstream as the benefits of owning such vehicles continues to become more apparent.

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