Van Fleet Insurance

Van Fleet Insurance Cover

If your business consists of multiple vans, finding the best cover for you is crucial. Which is why the panel of expert fleet insurance providers can find the best van fleet insurance policy tailored to your needs.

If you have more than one van, you could save money by insuring them all together with van fleet insurance cover.

  • Policies for fleets of 2 to 500+ vehicles
  • Limited or Unlimited mileage options
  • Social Domestic and Pleasure option
  • Cover for drivers of all ages
  • Monthly direct debit facilities available

You cover a variety of van types, such as:

  • Luton Box vans
  • Pick up vans
  • Light vans
  • Tipper vans
  • Single or double cab vans

Save time – Van fleet insurance will save you a great deal of time when insuring multiple vehicles since everything is under one easy-to-manage policy.

Save money – Van fleet insurance can also save you a good amount of money since it’s usually cheaper than insuring the vehicles under separate policies.

Great for small businesses – If you own a small business that has 2 or more vehicles then van fleet insurance is a great way to keep costs to a minimum.

What covers are available for my van fleet insurance policy?

  • Third party – Even though Third party cover only provides protection for third parties in accidents that your liable for, it makes your vehicles legal to drive.
  • Comprehensive – This covers the named vehicles for all types of collisions. Comprehensive cover is recommended where possible as it also provides the most protection.
  • Breakdown assistance – This cover can provide assistance if any of your fleet of vans breakdown.
  • European cover – You will need to add European cover for full protection If you’re looking to drive your vehicles outside of the country.

What use is available for my van fleet insurance cover?

The range of business uses offered by the panel of fleet van insurance providers, includes:

  • Haulage and courier – If you transport goods over a long distance, haulage and courier business insurance can cover this.
  • Hire and reward – If you do one of jobs like furniture removal, business van insurance for hire and reward can cover this.
  • Carriage of own goods – If you carry your own business items whilst driving your van, a carriage of own goods policy insures this.

What covers are available to compliment my van fleet insurance?

  • Public liability: This provides for any costs incurred for injury to a third party or damage to their property or vehicle, for which you are responsible
  • Employers’ liability: This provides cover for any costs incurred as a result of injury or illness to an employee whilst working for you. This is a legal requirement if you have one or more employee.
  • Trailers: Provides cover for any trailer attached to your vehicle.
  • Windscreen cover: This covers the cost of replacement or repair to your vehicle windscreen.
  • No claims discount protection: This allows you to have a certain amount of fault accidents without affecting your no claims bonus. Meaning, if you have a fault accident, the no claims bonus remains unaffected regardless if your insurer cannot claim their costs back.  The rules differ across insurance companies regarding how many claims are allowed.