What is Courier Van Insurance?

Courier Insurance

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Courier insurance is a special type of cover for those who transport packages for clients. It will cover both your van and the cargo you transport for theft, damage and loss. Because couriers typically spend a lot more hours on the road each day than the average driver, it’s necessary to have an insurance policy that provides full protection.

Do I really need courier van insurance?

Couriers face some unique risks so having the right cover in place is essential. Some of the reasons that courier insurance is necessary include –

  • Doing a lot of miles means the chances of a collisions increase significantly
  • When making multiple stops, you have to be wary of theft of both your vehicle and the goods you’re transporting
  • The type of value you transport can vary a lot so it’s essential to have cover in place, especially when transporting valuable goods

Types of cover

  • Third party – Third party insurance will enable you to drive your van legally and provides protection for other road users if you were involved in a collision where you were at fault. You can also get a third party, fire & theft policy if you want more protection.
  • Fully comprehensive – A fully comprehensive policy will protect your van fully for all collisions. Fire & theft if also included in a fully comprehensive policy.
  • Goods in transit – Goods in transit will protect the goods you’re transporting for theft, damage and loss.
  • Public liability – Liability claims are always a risk if you get involved in an accident and a third party is injured or killed. If a claim goes against you then it could be devastating if you don’t have cover so this type of insurance is always recommended.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is a must when you work as a courier. Since you’ll always be on a tight schedule, you need to know that if you break down then you’ll be back on the road ASAP. Sometimes breakdown assistance is cheaper as part of a courier insurance policy than it would be from a third party so it’s definitely worth finding out what the extra cost would be.

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