Choosing a Green Car


Why buy a green car?

Most people would consider their car an absolutely essential thing. However it’s becoming more difficult to ignore the damage that regular petrol and diesel engine cars do to the environment all the time. Because of this, there has been a big push from governments around the world towards the production of green cars. ‘Green car’ is an umbrella term given to a group of cars that don’t rely solely on the use of fossil fuels to run.

Although the environmental benefits are a great reason to invest in an electric car, they’re not the only benefit they provide. The fact that you’re not reliant on the use of petrol or diesel to run your car means you stand to save a substantial amount on running cost, particularly in the case of a purely electric car. There’s also the fact that tax is extremely cheap, or in many cases free with a a green car.

Types of green cars

Below are the main types of green cars currently available.

  • Hybrid – A hybrid car, as the name would suggest, is a car that has both a petrol/diesel engine and a battery-powered electric motor. The electric motor is used over shorter distances and is charged by the energy created when the car brakes. This makes hybrid cars ideally for city driving.
  • Plug-in hybrid – A plug-in hybrid also has both a petrol/diesel and electric motor. The difference is that you also have the option to charge a plug-in hybrid at a charge point, making it possible to make greater use of the electric motor.
  • Electric – An electric car is one that is powered solely by an electric motor and doesn’t have any option to use petrol or diesel to fuel it. This makes it the most environmentally friendly of the 3 types of cars by far.

Things to consider

Below are the main things to consider when you’re thinking of buying a green car.

  • Usage – How you intend to use your car will be a big factor in deciding which type of green car to get. If your time is split between rural and city driving then a plug-in hybrid is an excellent choice, particularly if you plan to have a charge point installed at your home. If you drive mostly in urban settings then a hybrid or electric car would best.
  • Your budget – The budget you have available will certainly play a big part in the choices you have available when it comes to green cars. Green cars are typically more expensive than their petrol/diesel-only equivalents. However the added expense you pay upfront is more than mitigated by the savings you make on fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance costs.