Becoming a mobile mechanic is an exciting career move. It may be your first foray into working for yourself, in which case you’ll have a lot to think about.  You’ll focus on getting your equipment in order, advertising your services as well as learning how to do the books and organising mobile mechanic insurance. Aside from all this, high tech equipment is an absolute must have for mobile mechanics these days, and here, we bring you 5 of the best tools a modern mobile mechanic must have.

  1. Mobile card terminal

Card machines are becoming a necessity for small businesses. The option of paying by card makes your business more attractive to customers as people rarely carry large amounts of cash anymore. There are many very affordable solutions that save you the job of writing invoices and chasing up payment.

  1. Diagnostic equipment

Cars are becoming more sophisticated year on year. In order to diagnose a problem, you often need to plug into a digital diagnostic tool. Choose a high-quality tool that covers multiple makes and models. Equipment with an advanced scan tool will enable you to find the whole range of fault codes and not just the generic ones.

  1. Digital torque

Torque wrenches come in several different sizes depending on the car. A digital torque means that carrying a variety of sizes is no longer necessary. You type in the specified torque and away you go. The digital display shows the torque and the LCD display and alarm sound let you know when you’ve reached the desired level.

  1. Clip on lightstick

A light stick to use under bonnet and under vehicle can be your best friend on the move. Choose a tube that rotates to at least 200 degrees and gives an option of brightness. Ensure your light has a good battery life and it will illuminate the way through your shift.

  1. Wireless Stethoscope

Often a customer will ask you to resolve a mystery noise in their car. It’s possible to make an educated guess but often tricky to identify the true cause. A standard automotive stethoscope can’t help you find the noise whilst you’re driving but a wireless stethoscope can. Simply clamp the microphones to the suspect area and drive until you hear the noise through the headphones. Time saving and accurate.

As a mobile mechanic, you’re likely to be a very busy person, on call and on the road a lot of the time. To maximise your efficiency and speed at the roadside, these tech must-haves can make your job easier.