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The Benefits of Going Green for Taxi Firms

If you run a taxi firm then you’ve likely given some thought to investing in electric of hybrid cars. There’s no doubt that low-emission cars are becoming more popular every year, both with the public and for business owners. There are many benefits to investing in green cars if you run a taxi firm. Below are some of the biggest. Cost savings – The cost savings that come with investing in green cars is substantial. A lot of insurance providers offer discounts to electric car owners since they’re generally safer to drive. The discounts can be as much as 5% depending...

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Samsung unveils new fast-charging electric car battery

One of the biggest things that puts a lot of people off switching to a pure electric vehicle is the limited range that a lot of models have. However Samsung is looking to address this concern as it revealed its new fast-charging electric car battery at the North American International Auto Show a few days ago. The high-density battery can run for 373 miles on a full charge and can get to 80% capacity in just a 20 minute charge, offering more than 300 miles. Not only this but the battery itself is 10% lighter than similar models on the...

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Diesel to be Made Obsolete by Mass Adoption of Electric Cars

New figures from KPMG’s annual global automotive executive survey reveal that UK car industry executives believe that diesel will be made obsolete in the UK due to the mass adoption of electric cars. Electric cars have seen a big surge in popularity over the last few years and car manufacturers plan to invest more money in the development of electric cars over the next few years. The fact that diesel is likely to be made obsolete is not that surprising then, especially when you also taken into account that 90% of the executives surveyed believe that electric vehicles will dominate the...

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5 Ways to Cut Down Your CO2 Emissions

When it comes to global warming, one of the biggest culprits is carbon emissions. Because of this both individuals and businesses are being encouraged to cut down their CO2 emissions in whatever way possible. Below are 5 of the best ways to do this. 1. Start at home One of the best ways to cut down your CO2 emissions is by cutting down your energy consumption at home as much as possible. By taking any steps you can to insulate your home you can cut your heating bills drastically while also have a positive effect on the environment. Using LED...

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When Will The Courier Industry Go Green?

Environmental concerns are rarely out of the news. With a constantly expanding population and more vehicles than ever on the roads, the need to cut down CO2 emissions is of greater concern now than ever. Although global CO2 emissions have remained stable for the last few years, there is a still a great need to drastically reduce them in order to prevent the consequences of climate change. Because of this, there is increasing pressure on businesses that rely on the use of vehicles to take any steps they can in order to cut down on CO2 emissions. One industry...

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