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Renault Zoe Still Electric Car of Choice in Europe

The Renault Zoe continues to be the best-selling electric car in Europe, five years after it was first launched. Although the model is almost unknown in the US and China, it continues to dominate in Europe with Renault enjoying 26.8% of the market. The domination of the Zoe has helped contribute significantly to the overall sales jump in electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2017. Something that might help explain why the Zoe has continued to be so popular even with more electric cars on the market now than ever, is the upgrade in its battery capacity this...

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Maidenhead Couple Launch App to Encourage Electric Charging Point Sharing

As popular as electric cars have become over the last few years, one of the things that still puts people off buying an electric vehicle is the lack of charging points that are available. Although the many types of electric charging points certainly aren’t a rarity in the UK, the amount there are certainly isn’t comparable to the number of petrol stations with standard petrol and diesel pumps, at least not yet. A couple from Maidenhead are seeking to address this problem by launching a service that enables people to find private charging points and then send a request to...

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Energy Networks in UK Need to Prepare for Surge in Electric Car Use

UK organisation, The Green Alliance has warned that unless the UK’s energy networks prepare for the upcoming surge in electric car use, then it could result in parts of the country experiencing drops in voltage. The popularity of electric cars has soared over the last few years in the UK, as the technology for electric cars has advanced, more charging stations have been installed and more models have become available. Although electric cars are much better for the environment, they do take a considerable amount of electricity to charge, with one car requiring roughly the same amount of electricity that...

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Why Should You Consider A Green Electric Fleet

Electric cars have come to the fore in the last half decade or so, as a reality for everyday use. We’ve seen their emergence in a number of fleets and this is something only set to grow. Here’s why you too should consider introducing them. Outright Purchases Many people believe that if you’re making an outright purchase, electric vehicles are more expensive than the equivalent diesel or petrol vehicles. However, this image is changing due to the increasing competition among electric vehicle manufacturers. As new models come out, prices have decreased. In the past prices have been high because...

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The Benefits of Going Green for Taxi Firms

If you run a taxi firm then you’ve likely given some thought to investing in electric of hybrid cars. There’s no doubt that low-emission cars are becoming more popular every year, both with the public and for business owners. There are many benefits to investing in green cars if you run a taxi firm. Below are some of the biggest. Cost savings – The cost savings that come with investing in green cars is substantial. A lot of insurance providers offer discounts to electric car owners since they’re generally safer to drive. The discounts can be as much as 5% depending...

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